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We have 5 web sites with being our main portal which lists all properties both for sale and rent.

Then we have a dedicated site for our Asian Freelance and Company Estate Agents being

Our Private Sellers/Renters also have their own site

Both our Asian Property Agents and our Asian Private Sellers who have property for rent will be automatically included in our  

Our 5th site is which like Homes In Asia includes all properties from both Asian Property Agents and Asian Private Sellers 

Why do we have 5 sites? Each site is geared towards a specific targeted market in the Asian Property business. However, although each site may look very similar there are hidden important differences which the search engines will locate and list to ensure you get the very exposure.  

Private Sellers have their property listed on, and Your rental property is also listed on
Freelance and Company Agents have their properties listed on,, Your rental properties are also listed on
Private Sellers/Renters may list 1 property free of charge. If you also wish to add the same property for rent before it is sold please select the Private Sellers low charge paid package. However, you may make your property a featured property (min periods may apply) or even property of the week for a small payment.
Freelance and Company Agents may choose from one of our optional paid plans including our free plan. 

Featured properties - feature your property to the top of the search results + homepage slideshow gallery (rotational basis)

Agents may make any number of your properties featured for a very small charge per day (min periods may apply) or you may make 1 property our featured property of the week.
And all sites are included for either free of charge or a low cost paid option. One package 4 sites!!
We also have our special business category for those clients who are looking to sell or buy a business. 


Our Property of the Week along with other selected properties will be listed on our Facebook pages below:  

Asia Property Sellers
Houses In Asia
Asian Property Sellers
Asian Property Rentals
Asia Property Rentals
Homes In Asia
Asian Property Buyers
Asia Property Agents
Asian Property Agents

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