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Specifying property location


Address: You may or may not include an actual full address as some agents worry about people going direct to a property. However, we suggest that at least include the name of the road. You must include the Town otherwise the mapping system will not work correctly. Please do not put any part of the address in brackets () as the mapping system will not recognise this. Post code can be used if required. If you have a number of properties in the same area you should make sure they are not all “on top” of each other.

Then you insert the Town, then click search and the map will find the location. Then just identify the area where the property is located and click your mouse and the red marker will appear.
You can zoom the map in and out if you wish to show a wider location of the area where the property is based.

Example of how to complete an address would be:

Location: Select Country (Thailand) then the province/area/county/state Phuket.
Address: 23/1 Soi Na Yai, Chalong, Phuket or if you don’t wish to put an address then
Address:  Chalong, Phuket

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